Friday, February 29, 2008

So this is what its like.

Sooo yeah most of you guys know how I drive my shit. Well I always wondered what it was like for the people that I would pass. I was talking to Tym the other day and he showed me this haha.

Tuesday, February 26, 2008


Man there is just to much shit going on right now, its really overwhelming at times. I found out recently of the money trouble that my step dad got my mom and him into. Fucking sucks cause my mom is thinking of selling the house and shit. I'm so tried of moving and I dont want to do it again. We shall see what happens in the next few months.I recently got my acceptance letter from UIC, which I'm extremely excited for. It finally feels like I'm gonna be doing something with my life. Hopefully I can get through these next few years fast and start making some real money on the asap lol. Yeah I'm a little scared of failing again, but you know want I'm sick of letting myself down more then anything that I think I'll be fine. But on the other side I'm now worried about paying for school and also somehow paying for the insurance on my car. I would really like to not work while in school but it looks like I'm have to. All you guys out there that have parents that can pay for all your shit and you can just focus 100% on school dont really know how blessed you are. IT FUCKIN SUCKS!! I know that I cant really ask for money from mike and my mom and I feel guilty if I ask for money from my dad just cause I know he's helping my bro out so much. I feel like I'm totally alone on this one and it sucks cause the last thing I wanna do is sell my car. I donno maybe I can pull out student loans and shit but I really dont wanna be in debt after school. Ugh need moneys................................................................

I cruised for the first time in a long time. It felt really good to just release and just fly to the city. There was the perfect amount of traffic out that made it a lot of fun for me. My HP+'s are totally done now and I could really use some fresh motul in there also.

list of what I need for summer:
HP+'s - $80ish
Motul RBF 600 - $16each *3
Rotors - $12each*2 autozone special lol
Tires from chob - $300
Wheels - $400 - 1000 depends on what I get
New header - $350 - 400
New fender liner - $75

Monday, February 11, 2008


So yesterday at work I started my car to let that bitch warm up, yeah it was -2 out. I look at my lock on the door to see if its unlocked and it was so I get out, steering wheel at hand, and shut the door. I then tested the door to make sure it was unlocked and it was. I finish up and lock up at work, when I get to my car I pause for a sec and think "I fucking hope this shit isnt locked". I go to open the door and sure enough the bitch was locked. WTF IT OPENED BEFORE WHAT HAPPENED!! goes through my head. So I go back inside work and call a tow truck company to open me up and there like Alright sir we will send someone right out. I wait and wait and wait, a half hour goes by and nothing so I called them back and ask for a eta and they said about 20min. 20min comes and goes, at about a full hour after I originally called them I say fuck it. I go to the back room at work and grab a small pry and a metal rod that I had to bend into shape and BAMM didn't even take a full minute to open the bitch. Now I know why and how hondas get stolen so easily and fast. Best part is I didn't have to pay some mofo $75 to open it for me.

Thursday, February 7, 2008


I've been a fan of this site for sometime now, just thought I'd share it will you fools. This weeks mix is pretty dope, #33. Check them out when you get a chance they have a lot of different styles of music on there.

Monday Jazz

Sunday, February 3, 2008

Time line

Just sittin on my ass bored out of my mind at work and thought about my car and all its been through over the years. Its seen over 40,000miles at a total of 115,000miles since I've owned it and still keeps on trucking.

Since I've had the car its seen:
1 blown motor
1 fucked mirror (never fixed lol)
1 gay shifter extender
1 CTR cam
2 trans's
2 different shift linkages
2 85 in 55 speeding tickets
2 no insurance tickets
2 sets of azenis
2 sets of suspension
3 sets of brake pads
3 shift knobs OEM GSR FTW
3 clutch's
3 flywheels
3 different rims
3 minor accidents
4 bottles of motul RBF600
5 or more bullshit random tickets
Thousands of miles in vtec
Countless stickers
And its gonna see so much more because I've decided not to sell her.
Frist day
Little touge shot

First meet, we all were there but we didnt know each other lol
Blown motor = ITR happiness , even before I know tym my car did lol
ITR'd and wingless
Gangsta leaning all day long
Polished slips rays lugs and azenis
ITR lip and wing Recaro SPG Enkei RPF1's and more azenis
Option2!! lol

Friday, February 1, 2008

Chill out time

So yeah I recently found this song again. I first heard it YEARS ago in the movie Hackers, dope movie btw. When you listen to this song it just chills you out so much, I donno this song just makes me wanna drive out to the sheridan look out and watch the sun rise then kanjo home haha so dope. This song also makes be realize how small we are in this world and that all the bullshit that happens our lives is so meaningless when u think of how big this world is. Hopefully in the next two years I can spend a summer backpacking across the world, its one of the major things I want to do in life.